Deck And Porch Building Materials

Deck and Porch Building Materials



When  building a deck or porch in Massachusetts it is wise to choose a  material that can stand up to the extreme weather in the New England  area.

We  advocate a hardwood such as mahogany or composite decking for  longevity. Over time it is cost effective to spend extra now than have  to re-deck later with inflation.

In addition your home is your biggest investment. So is any type of building addition you attach to your home.



Framing is the structural skeleton of your porch or deck consisting of the posts, joists, hangers, ledger board and flashing.

The  framing must be insect and decay resistant. All components must be  attached to the house, the  concrete foundation, and each other so that  the frame will stand solidly by itself.

When building our porches  we prefer to use engineered and treated western red cedar posts.

Western red cedar is insect and weather resistant. The wood stains and or paints to a beautiful finish.

An  engineered porch post is stronger and does not twist and bow due to  variable wood grain patterns as you will find in pressure treated  pine porch posts.

Cost is reflected in the quality


Most  of the deck fence and porch railings you see on the website are custom.  You will not find the balusters, spindles, or top or bottom rails in  your local lumber yard or home improvement store.

Built to last.

The woods used are cypress, western red cedar, mahogany, Spanish cedar, among others. 

They are router made in house or contracted out to custom wood shops and wood turners.

When  utilizing softwoods such as pine and fir, due to customers budget, we  recommend pre-painting or staining all sides of the wood before  installation with oil paint or stain. This ensures a complete and long  lasting protection of the wood. It also creates very sharp contrasting  color lines.

We also install welded aluminum, wrought iron, steel, and cast iron railings that you will not usually see.


Code Compliant Decks and Porches

We also build basic "code compliant" decks and porches.

These decks and porches are for 

Tenement Homes

City of Boston Code Violations

Budget Households

Homeowner Insurance Violations

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